The Book of Tea: The Illustrated Classic Edition

September 11, 2017 - Comment

Written in 1906 by a future philosopher, curator and Zen teacher, this book, which was intended to be read aloud in a famous salon, interweaves the history of tea with Japanese society. It also contains essays on spirituality, poetry and art. Product Features Used Book in Good Condition Related posts: The Book of Tea Classic

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Daniel Proctor says:

so of course I love it. Look at the name on the cover of who did the photography. It’s my book, so of course I love it.

Robin Spencer says:

Brillant and beatifully written I bought this classic book of tea, thinking it was about… tea. It was, well the first half. But the last half had chapters on flowers, art and religion. Brilliant and beautifully written almost, well not almost, it was poetry. Written by a compassionate insightful man, I will never be able to look at flowers or art or interior design the same again.A bargain at any price, but 99 cents from Amazon on my Kindle.

Larni Feldman says:

classic For anyone that loves a good old Japanese traditional book, this is for you. Reminds me of travelling to the old districts of Takeyama and Ise.

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