Solofill V1 GOLD CUP 24K Plated Refillable Filter Cup for Coffee Pod

January 22, 2014 - Comment

Not only you can save up to 80% by using your own favorite coffee, you also help save the environment from being polluted with plastic cups. The innovative Decaflo Spray Head combined with our proprietary Micro Foil filter pattern give you a perfectly brewed cup of rich and full-bodied coffee every time. Product Features Compatible

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Amber says:

Finally! I read the reviews then bought the filter yesterday. I make sure the lid is pushed down tight as suggested by someone else, and the filter works like a dream! Yes, there is sediment at the bottom of your coffee cup. That is due to the very shear gold filter. Anyone who has used gold filters before is familiar. It is not noticeable when drinking the coffee. It is nothing like coffee grounds in your mouth, and if you’re like me and like a strong cup of coffee, the sediment makes for a good…

Phillip T says:

Finally my own coffee in the Vue This cup is great!First, ignore all the reviews about it being over-priced and just check the price now when you’re looking at it. Some of the other reveiws were written when this product first hit and was being sold by a third party. Now it’s widely available here, at BB&B, Kohls, and others; and all pretty much for the same price.I bought mine at Kohls b/c I had the 30% off coupon which made it less than $15.Anyway, I’ve tried everything: K-cup…

Cole says:

I love it!!!! I got this at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for only $20. First let me say that this filter DOES NOT leave grounds as others have stated, it DOES leave a slight sediment similar to if you had used a french press or other metal filters. The sediment will only stay at the bottom. I don’t mind the sediment personally, but if you don’t like it just avoid the last sip or use a paper liner to keep it out. I find the taste of the coffee to be really good and it actually reminds me of french press coffee. I…

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