Sun’s Tea (TM) 8oz Ultra Clear Glass Tea/Coffee Cup & Clear Glass Saucer, Set of 2

December 10, 2013 - Comment

Product Features 8oz ultra clear glass cup and saucer for tea or coffee Made of high quality heat-resistant borrosilicate glass Light weighted and durable, made for every day use Dishwasher and microwave safe 6 month manufacture warranty, check manufacture web site. Related posts: Sun’s Tea (Tm) 18oz Ultra Clear Spill-proof Strong Double-wall 3-Piece Borrosilicate Glass

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Gary Mcdonald says:

Very nice Glass and saucer sets are perfectly clear glass that is lightweight and easy to clean. I would recommend this to anyone for any purpose. I use it as a espresso/cappuccino cup set and it fits perfectly under the nozzle of my espresso machine, where other glasses of equivalent capacity would fit only when fen-angled. This is because the glass is so thin and sculpted so well. This by no means says they are delicate. I have banged them up against things and they haven’t even been scratched yet…

miscetc1 says:

Perfect match for my clear glass teapots! I love being able to see my tea while drinking it – it somehow completes the blooming tea experience. This cup set is great! There is a little bit of size difference between the etching for the bottom of the cup and the etching in the saucer – so it slides a little bit — but not enough that I’d worry about it falling and definitely not enough to take away from the loveliness of this set.If you have a blossoming tea pot, you owe it to yourself to have a set of these cups as well!

ID says:

nice cups The cups arrived quickly, they were really well packaged without going needlessly overboard. They look nice and are quite comfortable to drink from, as well as to hold either by the handle or the cup itself.Unfortunately one of my cups had a small defect – the seller was very quick to respond and a replacement should’ve been sent the next day. I have not received it yet, but that may not be their fault.

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