Mesh Tea Ball 3″ Large

December 31, 2013 - Comment

Good for use with bulk teas. Product Features Serving Size: Related posts: Long-Handled Tea Strainers – Tea Infuser – By Schefs – Stainless Steel – Large Capacity Ball with Long Spoon Handle – Perfect for Loose Leaf Tea – Allows Better Water Flow Than a Traditional Mesh Infuser – Brew the Best Cup of Tea

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M. Rightmer says:

Minimal loss of product through netting A tea ball is a tea ball, right?The factor that had me return to purchase an additional tea ball was this: There was very little, if any debris that escaped this tea ball after being submerged into hot water. How important is this? To me, very. I enjoy several varieties of tea ( Read my reviews of several I’ve purchased. ) and want just that, tea. This tea ball kept the lavender or oatstraw in the tea ball, where it belongs.Washing it is a simple enough process, just…

ƒůŽźŸ ωŬ... says:

A great tea ball that does not leak out tea leaves. Get the largest size that will fit in your cup, mug, or brewing container. இ Fuzzy Wuzzy’s Summary:ѾѾѾѾѾ Highly recommended with warm fuzzies!You would think that making a tea infuser would not be rocket science, but various tea infusers/strainers just do not function very well, particularly when it comes to leaking out tea leaves. These tea balls satisfy the two main requirements for a mesh tea ball infuser: (1) the very fine mesh that is used keeps all of the loose tea inside the ball (only a tiny bit of tea…

Conky Joe says:

Unknown Mfg.; Poor Quality & Flimsy You are strongly advised to read the `Important Note’ left by reviewer, ůZźY ωŬ≥ζŷ (1/25/13). She talks about numerous merchants selling these tea balls through, and the buyer having no way of knowing if there is any consistency between the various ones being shipped. Mine arrived crushed in a gray bag (thickness of a plastic sandwich bag) with no box or packaging material, and postmarked from Hong Kong . . . in all my buying experiences w/ Amazon,…

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