Norpro Mesh Tea Ball with Cup Rest Handle

March 29, 2014 - Comment

This stainless steel tea strainer from Norpro with it’s unqiue cup rest handle fits over the rim of your cup. Brew to desired strength. 2-inch or 5cm diameter Product Features Measures 6.5 inches/16cm length, 2 inches/5cm diameter Stainless steel Avoid drip messes Comfortable handle Hand washing recommended Related posts: Norpro 5503 Stainless Steel 2-Inch Mesh

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J. Brooks says:

Does the job, but could do it a bit better… I first tried this spoon/tea ball with some .The spoon seems to be fairly well constructed… it hasn’t broken yet.Easy to use and well balanced, sits very well on all of our tea cups.The only thing I don’t like about the spoon is that it doesn’t seal all that well and the mesh seems a bit too big, so you end up with a fair amount of loose debris in the…

Kevin Currie-Knight says:

Better Than Some I have been using this Norpro mesh infuser spoon for about a week. Unlike some of the other mesh infusers I’ve tried in the past, this one leaves very few floating pieces in my tea (and I often drink tea with smaller pieces, like mate). I also really like the idea that I can either dunk the ball into the teacup or use the groove in the middle of the spoon to rest the infuser on my mug.What I don’t like about this infuser is that the ball is so small. Not only does this make the…

Paul Nguyen says:

Easy and simple for personal tea. Makes my tea fine. The mesh is not tiny enough, so some tea leaves do come out. Makes better tea like chrysanthemum or any thing that doesn’t go through the mesh easily. Closing the mesh is better when you only fill 1 side of the mesh ball, but not too great when you have on both side. Tea can get stuck around the edge which doesn’t seal the mesh ball well. The lock that holds the two half mesh locks good and never opens up when I drink. Sometimes when drinking my tea, the mesh looks big…

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