Hario Chacha Glass Teapot 23oz.700ml,

December 10, 2013 - Comment

I was in pursuit of more ease. Masu enjoy eye-eye shades of [Features] tea. Large tea strainer with the tea leaves is easy to spread. Knob of round easy to hold. Product Features color: transparent capacity: 700ml Height width 170 x depth 132 x 108 : size Related posts: Tea Beyond Heat resistant Glass Teapot

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Love to travel! "katiemn" says:

ATTENTION LOOSE TEA LOVERS .. THIS IS THE BEST! ATTENTION LOOSE TEA LOVERS .. THIS IS THE BEST!This is too funny! I purchased two of these tea pots in Tokyo at least 5-8 years ago. I use it daily as I am an avid tea drinker. I dropped the lid on my ceramic tile kitchen floor .. cracked it in half .. repaired it with glue .. and continued to use the kind of ugly looking thing for several years more rather than start using the second one I had in reserve! Afraid I might break that one also I guess!Finally after…

Hiroyuki Ikezi says:

Perfect for my use. I take more than 5 cups of tea every day. I bought this pot at a local store and have been using every day. This teapot is perfect for my use.1. It’s large infuser allows tea leaves dance, i.e. they move along with water convection, which is necessary to make good tasting tea.2. Infuser makes removing tea leaves easy.3. Tea leaves motions are visible.4. Good outlet shape, which does not allow spill.I handle this carefully to avoid…

Bill says:

Perfect for 2 Mugs Large infuser, sturdy glass, nice appearance. Size is perfect for 2 mugs of tea. Just put your thumb on the lid when pouring the last couple of ounces or it will fall off.

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