Pour Over Tea / Coffee Gooseneck Kettle (Blue) 1.2L with Thermometer 304 Stainless Steel for Barista or Home Brewing for all stoves with Silicone Teapot Coaster By Wonder Sky

January 4, 2018 - Comment

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B Belt says:

Great Kettle~Great Looking~Great Price I had seen these a while ago and really wanted one but couldn’t decide on which one,I noticed the price kept going up:( Some as much as 30% For me it was a deal breaker. That’s when this Wonder Sky appeared on the scene with a great price much lower than the others and seemed to be just as nice. It even had the built in temperature gauge that I wanted. Some reviews of other kettle sellers were frightening like the handle broke off with boiling water in the pot and rust appearing after a couple…

Rosemary says:

WONDER-ful KETTLE! Wonderful kettle! Works perfectly on my induction stove. Only con, which is not a major issue, is lid is not tight-fitting; however, that has not been a problem while pouring since you should pour slowly when making pour-over coffee! Vendor reached out to check on any issues. Since I felt the quality of this kettle was good, I purchased the 3-set Salt/Pepper grinder for which I am awaiting arrival. Pleased with this purchase.

Idan says:

VIDEO REVIEW: Wonder Sky pour over Kettle Length:: 1:44 Mins 

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