Matcha Green Tea Powder Organic Premium

November 29, 2017 - Comment

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Tx8606 says:

Great, but small package… The product is good, beautiful green color, but boy, I need to pay better detail to the description! This is a small bag, in fact, it is more like a packet. At 1tsp serving size maybe I will get 5 out of it? Wish there was a pic of a person holding the product.

Paula B. says:

Matcha and steak!! My daughter lives Texas and told me that this tea makes a wonderful meat tenderizer. I did some research and you use Matcha tea and sea salt and cover the meat. Let the meat set in the refrigerator for 12 hours before rinsing the green rub off. I put the steak in my favorite marinade for another 12 hours before cooking it on the bbq. The steak melted in my mouth. It was just an average round steak but the Matcha and seasalt made it like butter. I used two tablespoons of Matcha and two…

J. L. Sorrell says:

New to me but loving it! I was hesitant about trying this powder and was surprised by the size of the package but looked it over and realized it will last a long time with the serving size being so small, only one teaspoon per day. I’ve done a couple iced teas with this Matcha powder and was surprised at how much I liked the flavor. I’m glad I ordered this! I’ve been holding off on putting this powder in a baking dish but will be making brownies for a family dinner this week and will add this as an extra boost to them…

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