Organic Dried Butterfly Pea Thai Herbals Blue Tea 100 Gram.

November 10, 2017 - Comment

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Sara McCoy says:

Delicious Stuff! Useful Too! I am hooked on Butterfly Pea Tea!!! Great packaging, simple and basic. Tasty, my palate sings when I drink this. A great flower to build a tea base for komucha or water kefir, even make Butterfly Pea Simply Syrup. Great natural food colorant as well.

Kimberley K. says:

You’ll be glad you ordered! If you’re looking for a good(no, GREAT) quality way to purchase these in bulk, here it is! The quality is top-notch, and the price can’t be beat. The wait is worth it if you’re looking for larger amounts of pea flowers, just plan on transferring into an air-tight container as the packaging isn’t resealable(this was something I anticipated).

Fireworks says:

Stunning intense natural blue color. The tea arrived a lot faster than the estimated arrival date. Great package. I was not sure how much 100g of tea would be, it’s a lot! (8 in by 5.5 inches). Awesome tea! The blue color is intense with infusing only a few flowers. The kids love how the color can change from blue to purple to pink with a little lemon juice. Great product and great price. I will definitely order from you again. Thank you.

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