Organic Orange Blossom Special Oolong Tea, Loose Leaf Tea, Positively Tea LLC. (1 LB.)

October 20, 2017 - Comment

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Suzanne Applegarth says:

DRINK TO YOUR HEALTH!! I Guess Oolong Tea Does Not Normally Have Very Much Flavor….So, the Orange Blossom Gives it a Little Orangey Flavor and Aroma. When I First Made it, I Put the Dried Tea Into a Stainless Steel Ball (With Holes), and it Didn’t Look Like Very Much Tea Came Out of the Hole. So, I Looked and the Leaves Had Expanded So Much That I Guess it Clogged Everything Up. So, After That, I Simply Dropped a Quantity of Dried Tea into My Hot Water and Stirred a Little Bit and Waited About 5 Minutes. I Couldn’t…

Amazon Customer says:

Love this whole leaf pearl tea Love this whole leaf pearl tea. Pour hot water over and the leaves open up. After it straps it is easy to pour off into a cup or glass. It has a full flavor and I use it as iced tea. A couple spoons makes a whole pitcher . I love this tea alone on ice or with squeezed lime. Seems to keep bowels regular, lol.

Kirk Collins says:

Very good quality, good flavor. Try blending with hibiscus Good quality and flavor, but at first I was mildly disappointed. Then we tried blending it with organic hibiscus tea, which helps reduce blood pressure. The result is delicious, better than either tea alone.. Give it a try.

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