Pg Tips 240 Bags 2pk (160 Bags +80 Bags Free)- 480 teabags total.

October 2, 2017 - Comment

Pg Tips Black Tea Product Features Features pyramid shaped tea bags. Blended and packed in the UK, Related posts: PG Tips Black Tea, Pyramid Tea Bags, 240Count Boxes (Pack of 2) Adam Warm and Soothing Black Tea Three Blend Assortment: %100 pure Ceylon Tea 25 count of each of 3 teas (75 teabags), individually wrapped

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AGMezins says:

What happened? This used to be really good tea. After waiting a month to get this from overseas, it has been a big disappointment. This is my sixth order of PG tea through Amazon. Originally it was (quickly shipped) direct from Amazon’s warehouse, but the last three orders were from third parties. The quality and taste of all PREVIOUS orders were excellent — hardy, robust, with an innate hint of sweetness. I don’t know what happened, but this tea is pure mediocrity now, worse tasting than Walmart’s store brand — simply bland. The packaging…

Blake Fraina says:

Amazing Bargain My favorite tea bags are Sainsbury’s Red Label. A British woman I worked with in the 1990’s got me started on those and every time she made a trip back to London for a visit, she made sure to bring back a large box for me. For a while I was purchasing a 480-count bag from the British Gourmet, an online shop that ships British groceries around the world, because the $95 it cost still worked out cheaper per tea bag than getting an 80-count box of something I liked less (Barry’s, Typhoo,…

Ohio shopper says:

This is such a great tea. I got my sister started on in This is such a great tea. I got my sister started on in, now she’s in love as well. You never get an acid taste from it. If you like a strong cup, with these bags, you’ve got it. If you like a medium cup, you can use the bag twice with no problem. I drink it the english way with milk and sugar. It’s a smooth, lovely cup of tea.

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