Salada Green Tea For Iced Tea – Family Size 24 Count Tea Bags – 3 Pack

April 4, 2017 - Comment

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Fav says:

Best tasting green tea! Salada is much better than Lipton green tea in the family size! It’s less expensive to brew your own tea than buying those gallon jugs at the grocery… and you can sweeten the way you want with sugar, honey, or stevia. Don’t forget these tea bags are “family size” so they each make 1 quart of tea, not 1 cup of tea! 1 tea bag = 1 quart. 4 tea bags = 1 gallon. 1 box of 24 tea bags = 6 gallons. Buying the 3 boxes on Amazon will yield you 18 gallons of tea.

TwinMommy says:

I love this tea I love this tea! I wish I could buy it in the grocery stores where I live, but they don’t have it.

N Roper says:

Five Stars Arrived on time and the tea is delicious.

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