Tazo Herbal Tea Spicy Ginger 20 Bags

August 30, 2017 - Comment

Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available. Design is stylish and innovative, Satisfaction Ensured. Great Gift Idea. Product Features Tazo Teas Tasty and refreshing All Natural Related posts: Tea Box, Bamboo Roses Balsa Wooden Tea Chest Includes 33 TAZO Teabags in 11 Assorted Flavors: Refresh Mint Herbal Tea, Passion Herbal Tea, China Green Tips Green Tea,

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John Douglas says:

good but large volume a pain Wish I could fewer boxs at a time

troy kimberlin says:

loose leaf is better loose leaf is better. If you’re looking for spicy ginger tea, buy the loose leaf tea ginger tea. you will be shocked at the difference in taste. price wise it’s about the same per cup

Sarah says:

One Star Unfortunately I received the wrong kind of tea: Ginger green tea instead of the herbal spicy ginger.

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