Best Electric Tea Kettles


Easy way to heat water with an electric tea kettle

Benefits of most electric tea kettles is that you can control the temperature of the water for your desired use specially when brewing green tea which requires the optimum temperature of 175° F , white tea best temperature is 185 degrees Fahrenheit, oolong tea 195° F and black tea requires a full boil at 212° F as you can see it definitely makes it a lot easier to get the water temperature to the appropriate level for your favorite type of tea.

Best features of electric kettles

Take the guesswork out of making that awesome of cup of tea with

  • Automatic temperature settings
  • Stay warm features
  • Built in tea baskets (or tea infusers)
  • Cool to the touch kettle (some models)
  • Auto show off

The above benefits are great but if you on budget a stovetop kettle  might be a good alternative.

Short video’s with detailed information on features and benefits of an electric teakettle