Tetley British Blend Premium Black, 80-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 6)

December 17, 2013 - Comment

British Blend Premium Black Tea Bags, 80 count Product Features A rich full-bodied blend of black teas Round bag no strings microwavable no staples Excellent source of natural antioxidants More tea per tea bag Related posts: Tetley British Blend Naturally Decaffeinated Premium Black Tea, 40-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 6) Tetley Black Tea, Classic Blend,

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Peter Reeve says:

Real tea, America! I am not one to play the race card, but when it comes to tea I stand firmly on my Britishness. Tetley’s British Blend is real tea, not the pallid, anemic apology for tea that skulks in silly little bags (twee bags) with strings and tags and staples and other absurd paraphernalia attached, in a vain attempt to disguise the uselessness of trying to extract any vestige of taste from the contents. These are round, robust bags that sit purposefully at the base of the cup and mean business. They…

Darby says:

An Excellent Breakfast Blend Product: Tetley British BlendSome quick terminology: a “Breakfast” tea is usually a blend of “black” teas that have been matured/fermented (until the leaves turn nearly black in color) to give an infusion that’s a rich ruby color and an above-average caffine content. Assam usually makes up the core of the blend. “English” style breakfast is a bit of a bastardized term that originally referred to a blend that was optimized for being brewed in soft water which, if you’re fortunate…

Beowulf says:

Great Tea I have looked long and hard for a great affordable everyday tea. Between us my wife and I drink about 2 1/2 to 3 liters of tea daily. This tea can be found for 4-5 cents per tea bag and holds more than other teas such as Lipton. For me a good tea should be able to sustain a long brew time to get the most flavor without an excessive tannin taste. I can brew the amount above for 5 1/2 minutes with only 3 teabags. 4 bags would suit others. We put the tea in an airpot and it tastes good all day…

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